Well Laid Solder

Doing some wiring on the railroad today. I’ll attach the frog wires once the switch machine is in place.


The Future

While the future is already set, it is also unknown.  I had all intentions of building an HO-Scale freelance model railroad based on the Alaska Railroad.  That has all changed.  With the inheritance of a substantial N-Scale layout and boxes of supplies, I will probably switch gears.  Amongst the stuff I inherited from my grandfather, were a couple N-Scale engines, a DCC switcher and 3 DC diesel engines.  In the few HO parts he had, were three DCC engines: a Steam Engine, a Diesel engine and a switcher.  He must have had an HO layout set up for DCC control at one time.  With the exception of a few odds and ends, everything was N-Scale.

Atlantic Coast Line HO

Maine Central (MEC) HO

L&N HO Switcher

After setting up Cy’s layout and extending the loop of track, I got his DCC equipment working.  He had his layout wired for DC so I converted it.  The switcher he had was DCC, but the diesel engine he had was DC.  I was able to locate a DCC chip for it and upgraded it.

Boston & Maine No. 1502 with New DCC Chip

Its been fun watching the ol Alco RS2 run around the tracks…but my mind keeps drifting.  I’m dreaming of watching a pair of ARR SD70MACs pulling a line of hoppers around the track.  There is something about them.  Their size, their power, their color scheme….

I just might have to make this new N-Scale layout a freelanced Alaska Railroad theme.

Access Granted!

Today I received an email from the Alaska Railroad Corporation granting me permission to use their logos on my blog.  Thanks ARRC!

In the Beginning

Well here I am, staring at an empty blog with full ambitions.  I’ve been scrambling around the web looking and logging information about the Alaskan Railroad.  While I’ve found a mountain of information out there, I’ve had difficulty keeping track of it.  I’m hoping this blog will help with that!  Here goes nothing…