About Me

I started in model railroading when I was around eight years old.  My grandfather was a model railroader and with my fascination in his hobby, I was destined to be a model railroader as well.  I did some light modeling while I was in elementary school, in high school I had more “important” things to do.  College.  Marriage.  Children.  All took a front burner to my favorite hobby.  Well I’m back in it.  In 2015 I took the hobby back up, my grandfather had passed away.  He left me all of his modeling “stuff”.  I had dabbled in it over the years, a didn’t have the money to put into it the way I wanted to.  This very generous gift was the very thing I would need to reawaken my interest in the hobby.  In these pages, you will read about the layout that was once my grandfather’s, how I’ve adapted it, changed it, grown it……and preserved it.  Enjoy the ride!

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